19 Sept 2011


For a British person, I actually listen to a disproportionately small amount of British music. (Although I suppose it depends how you look at it - the rest of the world is a lot bigger than the UK, after all.)

Anyway, perhaps perhaps this is all about to change... Forget the Mercury Prize, I give you three great videos for three great songs by three of the upandcomingest British artists:

Pengilly's - Toby's Hill

Leeds/London collective finding natural, spiritual idylls in the airy, ascetic spaces of what's becoming our national post-urban post-electronica.

Visit their bandcamp to download the new Toby's Hill EP (name your price)

Psychologist - Propeller

The glitch-soul Macbeth lays bare his regicidal aspirations in this uncanny coven. Dark as fuck, and rapidly becoming one of my favourite videos ever.

Check out his website here and download his EPs

Clean Bandit - Telephone Banking

Superb homemade meta-riot of a video for catchy new single from the wry chamber-dance ensemble.

Visit website here, buy the single and tune up/stay tuned for debut EP...